hotness212 (hotness212) wrote in hxc_whorexcore,

Name: Molly
Age: 8teen
Location: Wisconsin
Why are you whoreXcore?: cos ima whore nd I have 2 bfs, and soo hardcore- i have a lip piercing
Top 10 favorite bands:
1. a statticc lulabi
2. b*witched
3. fifi (local band)
4. cracker
5. fall outt boi
6. creed
7. sum 41
8. a*teens
9. blood broz
10. daddy (anuda local band- lolz ders alot)

Favorite food uhh piza i guez
How often do you shower? um like once a week
Does your buttcrack show a lot? umm duh?
Do you enjoy an occasional dance party? hell yeah baby!
Now post a few picutures of your self *2 minimum* Iono how srry
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